Parades & Other Special Events

Sensori Safari” for College Events, School Carnivals or other indoor exhibits

A very popular choice especially during the cold months of the year are our indoor semi hands-on indoor animal exhibits which can include up to 15 different animals ranging from mammals, to reptiles, avians, amphibians and invertebrates from around the globe.
The animals are exhibited in various cages and exhibit tanks, on a row of approx. five 8foot tables. Each cage will have a sign with information about the animal it contains. People may view the animals at their own leisure. Whispering Pines Mobile Zoo staff will be on site to answer questions or allow people to touch certain animals.

Some of the animals that may be available for this type of exhibit include:
tortoises, exotic birds, alligator, monkey, armadillo, sunk, fox, hedgehogs, various snakes and lizards.

Set up usually takes approximately 1 hour. We require a heated room (70degrees or warmer) with five 8-foot tables set up in a row or horseshoe. All tables should be covered with table clothes long enough to cover the entire height of the table on at least one side.

You can find lots of pictures of these indoor exhibits on our Facebook page (just click on the pink link)

indoor set up


A Homecoming Parade is not complete without a live mascot. The Great Lakes Loons have their “Rall E. Camel” provided by us to ensure the team a big win. Since the summer of 2009 “Rall E. Camel” aka Gunther has made several appearances at playoff games. He has become so popular that he has now his own facebook page, baseball card and is available as a stuffed animal version.

In the summer of 2009, two of our camels walked in the UP State Fair Parade, and have been seen in various parades throughout Michigan since then.

our camels walked 2 miles in a parade in Escanaba

Gunther aka Rall E. Camel at the parade in Midland

our camel draws a huge crowd as he walks down Main Street

Gunther makes friends

“Rall E. Camel” (a.k.a. Gunther) supports his favorte team

the baseball players love their "good luck charm"

from one baseball fan to another – “Rall E. Camel” visits with his fans