Holiday Celebrations

- Easter Passion performances are always a big hit when donkeys or bunnies are a part of the cast.
- At a Yom Ha-Atzmaut or a Laylat al-Qadr event, camel rides are becoming more popular each year.
- At Christmas time, live nativity scenes can be customized to your ideas, budget, and space and may include goats, sheep, llamas, donkeys and camels both indoors and/or outdoors.

this camel acts her part in a nativity play

your manger comes to life with live goats and sheep

a camel inside a church is an unusual sight

Participating in an indoor live nativity scene

Mary & Joseph with their donkey before the city of Bethlehem

a live camel coming up to your car at a drive-thu nativity

could this be the donkey that carried Jesus?

this camel is the star of an outdoor nativity scene

Whatever your holiday celebration, adding our live animals will attract the attention of kids and adults alike.
Donkeys are a hit at Easter celebrations

Donkeys are a hit at Palm Sunday celebrations

Who wouldn't want to touch a real Easter bunny?

baby chicks are a must at any Easter event

this harvest ride is better than a hay ride