Educational Programs for Schools

Would you like to bring your teachers’ lessons to life and reinforce
what they are teaching in their classrooms?

Have you ever thought you could have a kangaroo, monkey or alligator in your classroom?

Look no further!  Our hands-on educational animal programs are just what you need.  

We make learning fun, exciting and most importantly: memorable!  


Whispering Pines Mobile Zoo offers educational programs for any age group that will not only educate and enhance your students’ appreciation and understanding of some of the most amazing animals in the world but also entertain students and faculty alike. These programs are interactive, hands-on learning opportunities designed to compliment your natural science curriculum. Whether students are studying wildlife on different continents, mammals, reptiles, the rainforest, the desert, adaptation, classification or any other subject, an up close view and an entertaining presentation will ensure that the information will be remembered long after the textbooks are closed.

Live Animal Presentations – We feel that it is important that the students get to see AND feel the animals in person. All of our animals are handled by our trained educators. We have a variety of healthy safe mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates to choose from including snakes, tortoises, lizards, African pygmy hedgehogs, fennec fox and much more. Call or email us for a list of specific animals.

Programs are offered throughout the school year and can be tailored to any crowd. Our objective is to entertain and educate students as to the origin, characteristics and natural habitat of various animals.  Presentations are designed to expand the students’ awareness of the important role each animal has in the environment, as well as habitat protection or animal care.

For examples of programs we have done in the past, please click on the main “Educational Programs” page link.

For pictures of these presenations, please click on this Facebook link.

Our professional staff presents live animal presentations in a variety of different settings both indoor and outdoor. Each program is designed for its specific audience, age level, and length of time. 

We have over 20 years of experience working with animals in the public. Our list of references is extensive and the vote is unanimous:  Our customers are not only satisfied, they are astounded and can’t wait to see what animals we will bring the next time!   

We are ZAA associates, USDA licensed and insured.

All programs are fun, educational and affordable!

Call or e-mail for details and prices today and let us bring the zoo to you!

We are more affordable than you think and more effective than you could imagine.  We guarantee it’ll be the most memorable day in the classroom for each and every student.

We understand that the economy isn’t that great right now but there is still a need to teach people of all ages about animals and their benefits to us.  It’s a proven fact that kids learn better from seeing these animals in person rather that just reading about them or watching them on T.V.  Call us at 810.334.2512 to discuss our fees since they vary depending on location and the number of assemblies (the more assemblies, the better the rates).

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