Educational Programs for Libraries

Would you like to bring some books to life and make a visit to the library more memorable?

Look no further!  Our hands-on animal programs are just what you need.  

We make reading and learning more fun and exciting.  


New 2013 Library Program Theme: “Dig Into Reading”

For the library summer reading program theme of 2013 Whispering Pines Mobile Zoo created a new hands-on, educational and fun animal presentation which we call “Delightful Diggers”.
For this special program, which is available all year long throughout Michigan, the following animals may be making appearances: fennec fox, tegu, gila monster, tarantula, armadillo, porcupine, zorilla, monkey, hedgehog, ferret, rabbit, chicken.
We guarantee you’ll love this presentation. So book your library now to reserve your date!


Whispering Pines Mobile Zoo offers a variety of animals that can bring a story book reading to life or can be presented in an educational program setting. Either way we guarantee it will be an unforgettable event for young and old alike.

Whether children are reading a book about kangaroos, alligators, deserts, jungle adventures or fuzzy pets – an up close view and an entertaining presentation will ensure that the information will be remembered long after the books are closed.

Examples of Story books that relate to our animals:

  • “Jungle Tales” by Ronne Randall contains a variety of jungle animals that kids would just love to see and touch in person: from Seymour the yellow snake,  Mickey the Monkey, to Penelope Parrot or Claudia Crocodile – seeing and touching the animals in person will add another dimension to reading this fun story book
  • “ Mr and Mrs Green” by Keith Baker – we can introduce the Alligator family to your readers
  •  “Hedgehog Howededo” by Lynley Dodd – yes, we can bring a bunch of little hedgehogs
  • “If animals Kissed Good Night” by Ann Whitford Paul shows Mama Python, Baby Monkey, Mama Parrot or Baby Kangaroo


You may know of many other animal related stories but unfortunately not every animal will fit into a library so please don’t ask if we can bring a hippo or an elephant. Here are some of the  animals that have previously visited the library:

Monkey, Fennec Fox, Skunk, Coatimundi, Kangaroo, Hedgehogs, Tortoises, Cockatoo, Scorpions, Alligators,Ferrets, Lizards and Snakes of various sizes and colors,  Spider, Frog, Hissing Cockroaches and even a book worm.

Please notice that the choices of the animals we can bring may vary depending on season or other reasons. So please call or email us with your story book subject or reading theme idea or ask for a list of specific animals for an educational program. You may also find more information about those educational presentations under the main “Educational Programs” Page.

Libraries all over Michigan have livened up their programs with our hands-on educational animals. We have brought the pages of some of literature’s most beloved books to life and designed shows around themes such as “Australia’s Outback” or “An African Safari”.  These programs can be general or specific to a certain reading program theme.

For more information please email or call us.

You can see pictures of some of our library visits in the “educational programs” album on