Reptile Encounter

A fascinating and educational exhibit of exotic reptiles from around the world

Come see our BRAND NEW CUSTOM DESIGNED Walk-Through Reptile Display which holds 38 unique habitats featuring a wide array of live reptiles, arachnids, and amphibians including some of the most venomous snakes in the world such as a black mamba, a puff adder, cobras, vipers and various rattle snakes. We also have alligators,various lizards, toads, geckos, scorpions, spiders and much more. We guarantee there is something to spark the curiosity of everyone.

The exhibit is not scary – it is interesting and educational. Each cage has a sign with the name and origin of the animal it contains. In addition, our friendly staff is always on site to answer any questions.

Puff Adder

Gila Monster

Emerald Tree Boa

Argentine Tegu

Basilisk & Cuban Anole

Yellow Anaconda

Baby Alligator

Blue Beauty

Blue Beauty Snake

ball python

Pixie Frog

carpet python

American Alligator

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Picture opportunities are available.

Make your visit an unforgettable one – have your photo taken with one of our friendly pythons or a small alligator! A full color 4×6 digital print that is ready in minutes!

Burmese Pythons

This self-contained unit allows for a quick and easy set-up at any event.

Our exhibit is built inside an 8×32 ft. trailer. All the reptiles are housed in custom enclosures constructed of solid wood with 1/4″ tempered viewing glass and key locks. The superior construction of our display provides a safe environment for both animals and patrons and makes everyone’s experience completely safe and enjoyable.

Custom Habitats

Walk Through Exhibit

Walk-Through Reptile Exhibit

Set up requirements for this exhibit are:

  • This Walk-Through Reptile Display is a minimum of 8ft x 53ft, but often requires additional space for a perimeter around the trailer.
  • Electrical: 30-50 amp service at multiple day events
  • Water Hookup: Needed for events over 2 days