Farm Animals & Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo animals are available year-round and provide a fun hands-on experience for the whole family!

We offer a variety of traditional farm animals along with some exotic animals. Depending on the event, we may bring between 25-75 animals for children and adults to interact with and enjoy! This includes a large variety Sheep and Goats, as well as Llamas, Alpacas, and Chickens all in one big pen. It is quite the exciting exhibit! In addition, depending on season, we might have babies that can be seen with their mothers, as well as Zebu calves, Scottish Highlander calves, Kangaroos, Camels, Tortoises, Miniature Donkeys and/or Flemish Giant Rabbits. Our main petting zoo unit can include over 70 animals at time and visitors were astonished to see a Zebra, Buffalo or African Antelope as part of the petting zoo in the past.

You can see lots of pictures of our various petting zoo animals and set-up by following this link to our Facebook.

We take pride in giving the best presentation, cleanliness and care of our animals so that everyone can fully enjoy the experience. All little messes are cleaned up immediately. Food, water and shelter are provided at all times for our animals.

Visitors can observe, pet and take pictures of the animals at their leisure. Special feed is available (for a small fee).

We guarantee that all of our animals are healthy and well-behaved. So don’t just gaze at the animals – touch them! Feel the wool of the sheep! Experience the fuzzy soft fur of the llama as he eats from your hand. Don’t worry, hand sanitizing stations are provided.

petting zoo favorites

Set up requirements for this exhibit are:

  • The Petting Zoo area can be modified according to space available. Generally we require approximately 32 ft x 48 ft of space for all animals, grass area preferred but not required
  • lighting required for after sunset events
  • Water access required

We provide professional fencing, signage, tents, feed and hand sanitizing stations.

We have 2-3 different petting zoo units available, so please contact us for details specific to your event date.

Example of typical petting zoo set up.

Example of typical petting zoo set up.