Educational Programs

Whispering Pines provides a large variety of Reptiles, Exotic Animals and Farm Animals for indoor and outdoor Educational Programs. You may choose from our various presentations or educational exhibits.

Nothing brightens the eyes of a person like the presence and touch of animals. Whether it be bringing back memories of animals someone used to own or touching an exotic creature for the first time – our animals will appeal to everyone regardless of age, mental or physical abilities. So break away from the daily routine and let us bring the zoo to you!

“Sensory Safari”

"Farm animals are fun" educational program with a touch of exotics

Choose from Educational Presentation or Educational Exhibit.
Both options are hands-on and include approximately 8-15 animals.

Our Educational Presentation lasts on average 45 minutes to 1hour. Most of that time is taken up by us walking amongst the audience, allowing them to touch each animal. In addition we teach the audience about the animals by holding a more formal presentation for adults and older children, and doing a lot of Q/A for the younger children.

For the “Sensory Safari” Educational Exhibit, the animals are exhibited in various cages and exhibit tanks, on a row of approx. five 8foot tables. Each cage will have a sign with information about the animal it contains. People may view the animals at their own leisure. Whispering Pines Mobile Zoo staff will be on site to answer questions or allow people to touch certain animals.

New Programs!

Whispering Pines Mobile Zoo has created a brand new collection of educational program themes. Check the list below for new presentations.
If you are not sure which subject fits your event best, and you don’t require a specialized program, then pick our most popular presentation: “SURPRISE SAFARI” (see description below)

• “Surprise Safari” – approximately 8-12 animals of our choice incl. monkey, sloth, skunk, fox, hedgehog, armadillo, scorpions, python, alligator, tortoise, plated lizard, zorilla, kangaroo, ferret, bearded dragon, cockroaches, etc.
• “Expedition around the world” – 10 animals representing at least 1 animal from each of the 6 continents (excluding Antarctica)
• “An Animal Defense Class” – all about how animals defend themselves against predators
• “African Safari” – at least 8 animals from all over Africa
• “Creepy critters are cool” – a reptile variety
• “Fuzzy Friends” – a variety of cute cuddly fuzzy furry animals from around the globe
• “Exploring American Fauna” – a variety of animals found in North, Central and South America but not native to Michigan
• “Wondrous Vertebrates” – 10-12 animals representing 4 out of 7 classes
• “The outback in your back yard” – amazing animals from Australia
• “Farm animals are fun” – a barn yard variety (best for outdoors)
• “Exotic Pets” – we are not talking about bunnies, hamsters and puppies but pets of a different more exotic nature and how to take care of them
• “Monsters and Dragons” – meet real live monsters and dragons such as the Chinese water dragon, the Gila Monster and a Frilled Dragon

Are you looking for another kind of program?
We can accommodate it, just ask!

Our professional staff presents live animal presentations in a variety of different settings both indoor and outdoor. We create age-appropriate programs to supplement science curriculum for schools or to just be an entertaining and fun hands-on experience for nursing homes, libraries, boy scouts or any other group. Each program is designed for its specific audience, age level, and length of time.

Whispering Pines Mobile Zoo owners - Kirk Elya & Claudia Herrmann

Whispering Pines Mobile Zoo owners - Kirk Elya & Claudia Herrmann

We have over 20 years of experience working with animals in the public. We are USDA licensed and insured.

Live Animal Presentations – We believe in a hands-on learning approach so we encourage everyone to touch our animals as we present them. All of our animals are safe and handled by our trained educators. We have a variety of safe mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates to choose from including kangaroo, monkey, sloth, armadillo, zorilla, hedgehogs, fennec fox, skunk, snakes, tortoises, lizards, frogs, skinks and much more. Call or email us for a list of specific animals.

Programs are offered from October through June.

Follow the youtube link to see an exampe of what an indoor educational program may look like. (January 4, 2012 – Big Rapids Community Library, video provided by The Big Rapids Pioneer News)

Set up requirements for this exhibit are:

  • The set up variations on indoor events is almost endless, depending on the amount and kinds of animals we bring, as well as the size of the audience. In most cases a regular classroom setting is sufficient to display one animal at a time. More elaborate indoor or outdoor set ups can be compared to the information found under the Exotic Animal Exhibit, Petting Zoo, Reptile Encounter and/or Animals for Hire Pages.

Sample set-up of over a dozen different animals in various cages and tanks, covering five eight foot tables.

In this sample set-up we simultaneously displayed over a dozen different animals in various cages and tanks, covering five eight foot tables.

Again, we can customize the display to the needs of each individual event. So contact us with your ideas for more detailed information.

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